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Top tips for social media during the holidays

In the lead-up to Christmas, there are infinite tasks on a business owner's to-do list. Don't let stress about your social media channels feed add to your list!

Here are my top tips for managing your social media account over the holidays. So you get a break, but your business presence doesn't suffer as a result.

Remember it's "the silly season"!

Have fun with your socials over Christmas and New Year's Eve. Your customers are not in the mood to be sold to and learn over this time, so don't waste your great informative content on an inactive and uninterested audience.

Instead, use this time to be personable and fun and show them you are taking a break too. Share Christmas wrapping reels, party outfits, traditions, and personal touches that make your business unique to you.

Schedule the key dates

Think about what the key dates for your business and get them scheduled in before you go on holidays for the year. Then relax, you don't need to worry about jumping out of the pool or off the beach to get in touch with your customers and followers.

  • Will you wish your followers a Merry Christmas? Happy Holidays? Happy New Year?

  • Do you need to share reminders about the dates/times you will be closed? What about a post announcing your return to work?

  • Are there any program or course deadlines that need to be promoted over the holiday period?

New to scheduling? Don't be afraid to reach out for more tips on getting your posts ready! There are many scheduling apps out there, but Meta Business Suite absolutely does the job and will see you through the holidays if you are new to it.

Have a plan for the New Year

Managing the social media channels for your business takes a lot of time and energy. Having a plan to come back to in January will mean you can hit the ground running and not feel overwhelmed after a break from it all! Start to think about where you want your social media to go in the new year and how you are going to tackle it. Jot down ideas as they come to you over the break (a glass or two of Christmas bubbles and some time relaxing always kick starts my creative juices!!)

If you need some more specific advice on keeping above the overwhelm of social media, reach out and we can chat. It doesn't need to be big and scary and with the right tools you can feel empowered to nail it!

Merry Christmas!

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