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4 Handy Tips to Ditch Social Media Overwhelm and Focus on Fun!

I recently attended a networking dinner and was surrounded by incredible women with the most amazing businesses. As we were chatting about work, the conversation shifted to social media and in turn, all the ways in which these women felt they weren’t achieving what they were “meant to” online for their businesses. They weren’t posting enough, they didn’t remember to take pictures when they created something new, they couldn’t think of the right captions or they just couldn’t fathom adding to their growing list of “should do’s”, the task of learning the intricacies of a whole new platform.

This is not at all uncommon!

But, whether you love it or loathe it, social media as a marketing tool is now a part of everyday life.

It is a constantly evolving, updating and changing way of interacting with the world and while it can do wonders for getting in front of your target audience, it also has the potential to use up a lot of your time and be a huge source of overwhelm.

When you’re running your own business, time is one thing you never have enough of. It is unsurprising then that creating engaging content and managing your online presence feels like an overwhelming and unachievable task and gradually makes its way to the bottom of your to-do list! {…or so I’ve been told…}.

Add in the fact that the extensive advice for managing social media accounts is, ironically, just as unpredictable and contradictory as the notorious algorithm itself.

Everyone seems to be an expert on how to reach the most people at the best time with the prettiest filters and wittiest captions and you are left wondering how anyone can actually create their products or fulfil their services when you need to research filters for 8 hours before posting! {…again, so I’ve been told…}.

In case you couldn’t guess, I’m the one who has let social media fall to the bottom of my to do list and I’m the one who spent 8 hours researching filters before feeling ready to share a post online. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my happy little workplace niche was pulling other business owners out of their social media and copywriting despair and making it a fun and easy part of their work day again.

You can feel this way too, I promise.

Talk about the things you love

It really is that straightforward! If you are an accountant and the software you use makes your life (and therefore your client’s life) INFINITELY easier, tell your audience all about it! If you are a baker who has a passion for great quality butter (and therefore a passion for great quality baked goods), tell your audience about it.

Sharing the parts of your business that bring you the most excitement and joy will always come through in your content and be noticed by those consuming it.

Share content in the ways you love

Think about how you get your point across the best and then lean into it.

If you can’t record a video without mumbling into your notes, you will never be able to accurately convey your excitement and passion through a YouTube channel or on Instagram live – regardless of how many people tell you it is the best way forward for your business.

Likewise, if it is hard for you to get your thoughts out onto paper, blog posts or long Facebook captions will be hard for your audience to get their head around.

Find the method of sharing what you love that REALLY lights your fire and nail it.

You can add new methods and platforms at any time and it is always a great idea to push your comfort zone to learn something new, but to show up authentically in the way that feels right to you, will always be best received.

Don’t feel pressured to do it all

There are so many platforms and ways to share your message. The reality is, you will never get any work done if you try and be a social media superstar across them all.

So where should you focus your energy?

  1. Think about your offering and start with the one platform that makes the most sense to you, your product or service and your target audience.

  2. Get to know what each platform is best known for and brainstorm where you think your audience hangs out. This will give you an idea of whether your favourite platform is also the favourite of your potential clients and customers.

  3. Finally, choose the platform that you are going to actually use.

I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter and I know that if my target audience was exclusively on Twitter, I would consider changing my business! I would tweet half-heartedly, I would waste time over-thinking and I would inevitably shift my focus to the platforms that make the most sense to me. Above all, this would be clearly noticed by my followers and the half-hearted mood would then be associated with my business. Eeek!

Enjoy the process and ask for help when you need it

For social media to be successful for you and your business, it is crucial that you enjoy the process of sharing.

Not because of the algorithms, or what your potential clients will think, but because if you are miserable doing it, you will eventually stop!

Take some time to think about what you enjoy seeing on social media yourself. Be inspired by others to try new styles of content and be brave about sharing it with your audience.

Be honest with your audience and get their feedback. Do they love your blog posts? Are they hanging out for the next time you do a TikTok trending dance?

Be open to sharing details from your personal life or the personal side of your business to build trust and relationships with those looking to buy from you.

If the overwhelm creeps back again and you just can’t think of what to share, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Just like hiring an accountant to look after your finances is an acceptable business expense, so is hiring someone to help you create content that your audience loves.

You have great things to share with the world and the world is here to listen! So take a deep breath, settle into your true authentic self and have a conversation with your customers. They would love to have one back with you!

This blog post featured on SA Woman, check it out here: 4 Handy Tips to Ditch Social Media Overwhelm & Focus on Fun! - SA Woman


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